Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Honor of a Birthday

For many years, on this very day
I've celebrated a life I love.
Her heart is merry; it likes to play
And will never give you the shove!
She works quite hard at home and away
Cooking and cleaning and stopping to pray.

She gives God the praise for all her good works
Knowing His grace is sufficient each night.
(She's an early bird--it's one of her quirks
When nighttime comes her strength is more slight.)
But she's kind and generous with all of her time
"People are most important" is  favorite line.

She's worked in my life, I know that for sure
And will be a dear friend 'til Christ comes again.
She taught me to read, knit, cook, and what's more,
Delight in God's world from shore to shore
And meet friends and family with an open door
I know those who know her will say with a grin,
"This woman's your mother!" And I say, "Amen!"

I love you Mama! Thanks for being such a great mother, teacher, and friend. Come see us again soon!