Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, summer is here, and it time for some change. I've cut a good 8 inches or more off my hair (see the before and after pictures) and am thinking about the meaning of life and my blogging. As my followers/viewers I have a few questions for you--I'd love to know what you think!

1) What do you think of the new layout?

2) What have been your 1 or 2 favorite posts?

3) What type of posts would you like to see more of: recipes, book reviews, drawings, my commentary on life,....or something else (like short stories/creative writing etc...)?


  1. I think the new layout is beautiful. And my favorite posts differ from your reports on wandering to the delicious recipes (because I'm becoming my mother...).

  2. I really like the new layout! I read mostly through google reader though and format doesn't show there. I also really enjoy the recipes- I'm trying to add a lot more to my own blog! I love having a network of friends to share with, but I also love your posts with pictures about life in general :)

  3. Your hair is amazing looking shorter WOW I love it. The layout is very nice and warm I really like it too.
    Your blog is really nice and friendly thank you for allowing me to follow you.