Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kate Miller 23: The Doctor, Part 2

I'm sorry for the long break in posting my "journal" entries! We have been travelling a lot (which you will read about when I catch up on the in-between posts.) But here I am, finally, with the next post, and the answer to that all-important question: boy or girl?

Boy or girl? Boy or girl? Since "being" had already been clearly established, boy or girl was now the question!

23. The Doctor, Part 2 (April, 2013)
            Kate hated going to the doctor, mostly because of experience, and the rest on principle. But there was no getting around the fact that, this morning, she was excited. Not only that, but she had been counting down the days to this, April 12, as if it were Christmas! And in a way it was, for a new baby was coming…even if not that particular day. And the exciting gift that she and Mister would be given was knowledge of just what sort of baby it would be! The question she had mused over in her journal a couple weeks before would be answered: Boy or girl?
            At first, Kate and Mister both clearly desired to have a boy, but by the morning of April 12, Kate felt that she had almost no preference at all. She would be absolutely delighted with either a son or a daughter, and the joy would be in finally being able to imagine specific things about their future together. She wondered happily if she would be spending more time having tea parties or mock battles. Of course, they weren’t mutually exclusive, but there was no doubt that boys and girls had distinctive preferences and delights. If he was a boy, she would want him to be gentlemanly and strong and confident in courtesy. If she was a girl, Kate would want to train her to be gentle (without being weak), resourceful, and courageous in self sacrifice.
            When she and Mister got into the car after breakfast, they grinned at each other. “Are you ready for this?” Kate asked.
            “You bet.” There was no awkwardness or shyness. Mister was looking forward to this just as much as Kate.
            Walking in, the office felt too routine. Shouldn’t there have been at least a band playing? Perhaps some confetti and cake? No, there was only the standard query for a name, and the pulling out of a file.
Kate preempted, “And I still have the same address and insurance...” but the receptionist read off her address and insurance anyway, and looked at her expectantly. Why did they always do that?
“Yes!” Kate said again, impatiently.
Since they were there close to opening time, they did not have to wait very long. When her name was called, Kate practically levitated (as much as a twenty-week pregnant lady could) out of her seat. Mister calmly closed his book and stood in the usual fashion. But he was right behind her as she followed the nurse back to the sonogram room. Jenny was there again.
“Hello!” she said cheerfully, “Twenty weeks, huh? You’re looking great!” She spread the covering over Kate’s belly, got her tools ready, and looked back and forth between Mister and Kate and said, “So, do you want to find out…”
“Yes!” interrupted Kate.
Jenny laughed and said, “Okay! Let’s hope Baby is in a good position today.”
She found the head quickly, near the top, on Kate’s right side. “It’s no problem to be breech at this point,” she reassured them, “they always swim around and shift a lot.” Kate and Mister got to see their baby’s face, and nose, and arms. A little hand came up to the face and went into the mouth and out again. Jenny pointed to a colorful spot moving on the screen, “See that?” she said, “Your baby’s eating! He just swallowed and you can see the fluid going down into his body.” She traced the line with her finger. Kate looked at Mister and glowed. Measurements were perfect, and everything looked as healthy as could be.
Jenny moved the sensor around and took pictures of the feet, and the legs, and in between the legs…there was no doubt at all. He was in a great position, and Kate knew before Jenny said anything. He was a boy. A boy!!! 
When Kate and Mister got back in the car after the appointment, Kate had an overwhelming sense of awe and joy and responsibility. She looked at Mister and whispered, “We have a son!” 


  1. Hooray! Boys are wonderful! And even though we didn't find out until he was born, I know exactly how you feel. :)

  2. Very exciting news, congratulations!