Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kate Miller 27: Road Trip Part 1

Two 12-hour car trips back to back? Just like with having a baby, Kate neither felt "ready" nor "unready". And just like with having a baby, the unexpected was bound to happen...

27. Road Trip, Part 1 (May 2013)
            Kate did sleep, for a few hours, and awoke a few minutes before Mister came back to knock on the door. She still felt stuffy and angular all over her face, but she was refreshed for the present. “Where is everyone else?” she asked as he stepped in bearing a small plate of goodies.
            “Did you not get my message? Everyone else is at the reception. I called to see if you wanted to come join us.”
            Kate shook her head. Her phone had never rung. It was probably just as well, though. She had already said goodbye to everyone at the apartment, and she knew the reception would be a madhouse. So Kate and Mister gathered their few things from the Miller’s hotel room and made a quiet departure from Hillsdale in the pouring rain.
            The drive was about twelve hours, but it was fast and there was little traffic, even in the construction areas. Add a half hour for quick stops, and a half hour for when both Kate and Mister were too tired to drive and had to nap at a rest stop, and the couple arrived at the Wills’ Watertown residence between six and seven in the morning.
            Kate’s brother, James Wills, was awake and greeted them at the door with hugs and whispers. Two little girls, Kate and Rose, trotted in his wake. Kate, the 5-year-old, gave them discreet hugs and a whispered welcome then added, “Do you want to play a game?” Kate gave a weary laugh and declined, “Maybe later.”
Rose, the precocious 3-year-old also spoke in whispers, not from a respect for the bone-tired travelers, nor from the earliness of the morning, but from the excitement and importance of what she had to say. Her eyes flashed and her face had the look of one revealing a deep, dark secret, “We’re going to Canada today!” Kate grinned and whispered back, “We are too!”
"James Jr.": "What? Socks? Never heard of them."
            And so was the plan. But later. For the present, Kate and Mister stumbled to the back room and collapsed on the spare bed, which Kate pronounced the most comfortable bed she had ever touched…and then instantly fell asleep. A few more hours of repose, and the couple was up again for a late breakfast, the hurried sorting of things, and the packing of the van. The Wills had a 7-passenger van, and the crew would take up every seat!
            “James, jugga-bugga-BOO!” little Kate sang as she danced around her brother. “Are you ready to go to Canada?!” James Jr. was to have his first birthday during their stay up north, and was sitting ready in his car seat, contentedly pulling off his socks and waving them around as he watched everyone go back and forth.
Never were two little girls more excited about going to Canada. They helped pack and transport things, and then got in the open car and played for a full hour before the grown-ups were ready to leave.
ready to go to "Pin Severed Island!" 
             Rose crawled into the driver’s seat and yelled to the world, “We’re going to see Anne in Pin Severed Island!”
            “Rose,” corrected her sister, “It’s Prince Severed Island. Prince Severed Island.”
            Kelsey Wills set some snack bags in the car and laughed at both her daughters, “It’s actually Prince Edward Island, girls.”
            Kate wasn’t really sure how it happened, but eventually everyone and everything was in the car and, after a travel prayer, they were on their way! She and Mister were taking the first driving shift and were sitting up front, with the Wills crew crammed in back. Everything seemed fine and pleasant so far. Beethoven’s 9th was playing, James and Kelsey were chatting, the girls were reading. They had been driving about an hour and a half. Kate looked at the map and exclaimed, “This is the bridge into Maine! I’ve never been to Maine before.”
            Mister grinned back at her, but his grin quickly faded. “Do you smell that?” he asked.

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