Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kate Miller 38: Father's Day

It's never "just another day" with the one you love...

38. Father’s Day (June, 2013)
            Kate sat in the airport, ready to go to Alaska. It was the beginning of July already. She opened her journal and browsed the last entries. She sighed, realizing that once again, she was woefully behind. When she was by herself in Williamsburg, she had been faithful to write a page of the day’s events and thoughts. It was nothing award-winning, just good notes to remember. But her last entry was June 16!
            Today is Father’s Day, she had written. I slept well last night! (So thankful to have power back on for the ceiling fan!) At church we had a great sermon on Psalm 1. I especially appreciated the side comments about how we spend time—“Quantity of time leads to quality time.” And, “You have time to do what you value the most.”
            Kate chuckled to herself, “Clearly that would not be keeping up with my journal!” But it was a good thing to remember, thinking about that day. She had driven to Richmond and back in order to spend the evening with Mister. That took a lot of time! Kate thought, with some sense of satisfaction. And that’s something I’ll always have time to do! It had been a fun evening, even with the hours of driving…and the maniacal drivers that had trouble sharing the road!
            After being apart for “only” three days, their reunion felt almost magical. Kate ran to meet Mister, coming out of the dorm where he was staying for the conference, and he lifted her up and swung her around. They kissed and cuddled and talked, and eventually their stomachs begged for some consideration. As with many dates and adventures, Kate and Mister just hopped in the car and chose a road. They drove down a main street, full of local shops and restaurant and pubs frequented by the many college students living in the area. They parked and walked down the street, trying to decide between Indian and Thai. It was dreadfully hot, and Kate could feel her feet actively swelling, but she held Mister’s hand and felt blissfully happy.
after dinner
            Thai won out, (mostly just because they reached it first) and as they sat waiting for their food, Kate took Mister’s hand in hers and said, “Happy Father’s Day…”
            Mister grinned.
            “So how does it feel to be a dad?”
            He thought for a moment and then nodded with his usual calm, matter of fact expression. “It feels good,” he said, smiling, “It’s intimidating, but exciting.”
            Two weeks later, Kate nodded as she reread her journal. Intimidating…but exciting. That pretty much sums it up, she had written. I just hope we can be GOOD parents…and also fun parents, at least when he’s old enough to have fun.
the train station
            The rest of Father’s Day had been uneventful but fun…not what anyone would say was overly special, but special all the same because Kate was able to spend it with her best friend, exploring the world. They drove around downtown Richmond, thinking to stop here or there and realizing that everything was closed because, after all, it was a Sunday and Father’s Day! But they drove by the capitol and looked at the monuments. And they stopped at the huge, beautiful old train station and marveled at the luxurious waiting rooms, outside balconies, and parlors. The station was still used, but hardly got enough traffic (or suitably dressed traffic) to restore the station’s atmosphere to former glory. It was a relic and a museum, still useful, but an icon of a different era. Kate had driven through Richmond a few times before and always wanted to see the inside of this ancient and imposing building.

That night she considered what had been so fun about the evening. It wasn’t just the train station…or going out for dinner…or exploring new places. It was simply being with Mister. It’s great, she wrote down in her journal, to be reminded of just how fun and natural it is to be together; that times apart are okay because they end and then we’re together again. 

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