Monday, September 16, 2013

Kate Miller 43: Mister's Dream (A Guest Post)

It wasn't the first dream he'd had about their baby, but this one seemed so real! 

43. Mister’s Dream (Guest Post, July 2013)
They had just returned from Alaska and Mister was still getting over his jet lag. After going to bed at 11PM he had slept until after noon the next day. It was during this well-earned rest that Mister had his dream.
The beginning of the dream was unimportant and irrelevant Mister thought. After all, who really cares if he had a confused video chat with a friend in Michigan who showed him footage of a lightning storm so violent that it looked more like a battlefield? No, the interesting part of the dream was about Kate and Mister’s baby. The setting of the dream was a house, not any house in particular, in Colorado.
He had just come inside when he heard the baby crying (screaming really), and he ran, worried, into the room to take care of the child (thinking that his time to change a diaper for the first time had finally come). But when he entered the room, he found her standing there with a red face and red eyes. Being a dream, it did not strike mister as odd that the child was a girl, or that she was standing, even though she was less than two weeks old. But so she was.
As he went to pick her up she said clearly, “Hot! No, Thank You!” Now, this did stun Mister. His daughter had said her first words! And she was less than a month old! Amazing! Well, luckily Mister’s hands were cold (a surprising boon that Kate often appreciated) and he was able to sooth and calm the child as he picked her up. He gently danced with her to and took her into the main room.
Jubilant and proud of his daughter, Mister exclaimed to the first person he encountered, “She said her first words, plural! Can you believe it?” The fellow did not, in fact, believe it. So Mister asked his daughter to say those words again and, in typical baby rebellion, she just stared at him. But Mister was not deterred, being fully confident in what he had heard. So he started putting her on the floor, a place she most decidedly did not want to be. At first she started fussing but then she said, somewhat intelligibly “No.” “There you see?!” said Mister, “She said ‘no’! And before, she clearly said four different words! I was prepared for her not to speak for a year or even longer; but here she is a couple weeks old, standing and speaking multiple words!” His friend didn’t deny that he had heard something.
Mister, at this point, was ecstatic—not just about the fact that his daughter was talking, but that she was intelligent and could understand him. The combined relief from not having to change her diaper and the pure joy of being able to calm the child and carry her in his arms, he wondered if it was real. “Am I dreaming?” he asked rhetorically. He turned to his mother-in-law, Laurie, but she just smiled, shook her head, and faintly said “No.”
At that, Mister turned and walked to the windows with his daughter to show her what mountains were. His girl was talking and showing other signs of awareness. And she hadn’t actually been due to be born for a week and a half. Wait, he thought, this means that I can go to Glenn’s wedding without any worries. In fact, Kate and the baby could have gone with me too if we had known she was going to be born so early and develop so quickly. But then he caught Laurie’s voice drifting out of the kitchen, “I didn’t have the heart to tell him...” To tell him what?
The unreality of his surroundings and circumstances began to dawn on him. He turned to Laurie and said, “I am dreaming aren’t I?” Laurie reluctantly assented, “Yes, you are definitely dreaming.” The pieces started fitting together. Who ever heard of a two-week old baby talking? Not to mention a two week old baby who was still a week and a half from her due date! And wait a second, why was it a girl?! The sonogram had clearly shown that they were going to have a boy! Oh well, thought Mister good-naturedly, it is a dream after all. But what a wonderful dream! I don’t feel the same ecstasy as before, but I still feel joy at holding a child in my arms and knowing that soon I will hold another child in my arms in reality; even if he won’t be speaking to me any time soon.

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