Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disney Dreams

Aren't dreams fun?

This morning I was dozing in bed and started dreaming that I was back at my home church and an old friend walked in with an army buddy. There was a conference going on, and I was at the "reception desk" so I started trying to stow all their army gear (because apparently they had come straight from the airport?) and trying to get it out of the way. There was a little space behind the desk and another closet/storage room that I put the rest in. He had a small round bundle that looked like a sleeping bag, and when I put it into a large cubby hole, it knocked out a panel that led to a secret passage! Then, it started rolling... down down down into the darkness and out of sight.

I went to get my friend and we ran after his bundle. The air was damp and musty and our shoes kicked up mud and rocks on the wide trail as we ran down. We could barely see two feet in front of us, but there was a dim light coming from an unidentifiable source even though we were clearly underground. Eventually we found the trail ending at a large cavern with a quiet, but wide stream and a small boat beached on the mud. We could see my friend's bundle bobbling along in the stream, so we got in the metal boat and shoved off. We caught the bundle easily enough. But then something began to change. The current got swifter, and the air got colder. Our paddles seemed to do little good against the swift undercurrent that was taking us further and further from our trail and into the darkness. I realized that the small amount of light must have been coming from a tiny hole in the very top of the cavern. But now we were back in a tunnel, on water this time, with darkness getting thicker every moment. I quickly got disoriented between the blackness and the swiftness of our travel and could no longer tell if we were going in circles or travelling along toward a new destination. I began to be convinced that our boat was being controlled by some outside force... for evil or good, I dared not guess.

Soon, light began to gradually creep into the tunnel once again, but this was certainly not the cavern that we had just left. And the rocks ahead and the roaring sounded disconcertingly like either a large waterfall or an enormous machine that would shred us to pieces. Fortunately, in the light we could see that the stream in the tunnel, though deep in the middle was shallow at the sides with dirt and pebbles rising above the level of the water. We threw are strength against the paddles, and by working inch by inch up the side of the stream, we were able to make our way back the way we came.

About 100 yards from the cavern, the powerful drag on our boat stopped, as if someone had suddenly switched off a magnetic field. At the same time, a pair of double doors swung open and light poured into the cavern. Standing in the door was a small rigid figure about two feet tall. We couldn't tell what it was because it was silhouetted in the light, but it was clearly glad to see us. We quickly got out of the boat and approached the light. Who was it? "The Tin Man?!?!" a voice said beside me. (That was Friar Tuck.) Then the life size Tin Man appeared suddenly and scooped up his 2 foot counterpart as he greeted us both affectionately and welcomed us into his abode (that looked oddly like a hobbit's hole.)

And was so shocked and surprised by both the Tin Man and Friar Tuck appearing in my dream that I suddenly awoke and never found out how they rescued us or from what.

But THEN, I was so excited about the Tin Man and Friar Tuck appearing in my dream that I promptly got up and told my husband about it and giggled... all before 7 in the morning! I have a feeling in my bones that this is going to be a magical day.

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