Sunday, March 7, 2010

A "Picture Perfect" Post

Ebay is officially amazing. My computer crashed a while ago, and for some time I was unable to download any pictures off my cameras. Then, I thought it would be brilliant to find out how much memory card readers are. BestBuy = $30(+). Ebay = $4.

Hmmmm. Tough choice there.

A week later and with free shipping, my $4 card reader appeared in the mailbox downstairs, and now I can share some of my pictures! Yay.

These are some sights you might see around our Apartment in Arlington.

This is Highway 50. The bridge I'm standing on leads to great and glorious things, like.... the grocery store. And the metro. Boo-yah.

It really is fun to just stand in the sun and watch the cars go by. One day, I decided it would be a good idea to relax and do this for a while. And as I stood leaning over the rail with my head propped in my hands, a van full of large black men rolled to a stop behind me. They opened the sliding door and one of them called out, "Hey. You O.K?" They seemed concerned that I was in the depths of despair and about to fling myself over the edge. Another spoke up and asked, "Yo' boy-fren' treatin' yo' raht?" I laughed and assured them that all was even better than "all right." But they insisted that if such was ever not the case, I was to inform them, and "they would teach him a lesson or two." I believe it to.

I love seeing things with my name on them--even if it IS a fire hydrant!

On the right is part of the Rosslyn skyline. The big apartment building is the Belvedere. That's where we don't live. When looking for apartments, I quickly learned that if I had to be buzzed into the main reception area, it was way out of our league.

It's pretty amazing that when we see this, we know we're getting close to home. This is the Marine Memorial, made from a photograph taking during the US victory on Iwo Jima in WWII. The inscription reads, "Uncommon valor was a common virtue."

Just some fall leaves on the sidewalk near our apartment. Take a guess: do you think I ran through them?

Below are some views from Arlington Cemetary.
This particular view is from the front of Robert E. Lee's house on top of the hill.

And this is his house. Incredible, isn't it?

A view of the older part of the cemetery, before they starting using uniform gravestones;

and below, is one of the roses that grow under a large Grecian colonnade behind Lee's house. They're a lot larger than they look, and there were so many of them, that the air smelled like
perfume! It was a rainy day... and absolutely beautiful!

(Out enjoying a beautiful sunset, walking by the memorial, the cemetery, and the Carillon.)

I hope you enjoyed all these!

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  1. Wonderful pictures, KT! And I loved the story about the black guys trying to "rescue" you :D Love and miss you, Sandi