Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From a Dream

This is a picture that I drew a few weeks ago from a dream that I had. It was probably one of my favorite, most peaceful dreams. I had amazing, curly hair, and I was holding two thin twigs (maybe stalks of wheat?) in my hands and twirling around and around and around in this HUGE open field. There were trees all around the field, and no one in sight. And I was just so thrilled to be all alone in this wide open space that I wanted to dance and never stop.

Sometimes, I'm really glad that I remember dreams as often as I do. I know it's not a perfect picture, but I'm glad that I can have (or make) little mementos like this one for dreams that I'd really like to remember.


  1. Did you feel really great when you woke up?

  2. Yeah. I really did. The amazing thing about dreams is that, though they aren't "real," they're emotionally real in a way. We can be sad or happy because of them when we wake up. And yeah, I was pretty thrilled. :-)