Monday, April 2, 2012

Salad for Supper

This was my dinner table tonight. It actually doesn't usually look so nice. The bush outside by our front door is covered with pink blossoms, so I picked a few to bring inside. Aren't they lovely?

And since The Man is gone for a few days, I had to console myself with an amazing salad, a good book, some peach tea, and...later...the last piece of my chocolate cheesecake (see a previous post.)

I'm sure some people (like The Man) would think, "Really? Console yourself with...SALAD?!" But just take a look at this------------------->

Who wouldn't want to eat their greens topped with half a succulent red pepper along with bacon fried chicken and mushrooms with salt and chili powder.... oh, that's not all...topped with amazing Tuscan Parmesan salad dressing!

Mmmmmm....if you ever need a fast and easy meal for one, this is it!


  1. More details, please. Did you cook the chicken and mushrooms in bacon grease??? It does look delicious!

  2. yes, I think I did. But that's about it I think. I let the bacon grease melt, then put in two chicken thighs (not cut up) and the mushrooms, sprinkled it generously with chili powder and salt (minced garlic is good too, but I didn't add that this time), and let it cook. Then I cut it up and put it on top of the salad! Very easy and fast. :-)