Friday, July 13, 2012

ABC baby blanket (knitted)

Here's another baby blanket that I just finished and is up for sale. I found the a-b-c square online, but made up the patterns for the big letters. The body is a tight knit, and the border is crochet. Measures about 24" by 32". Washer and Dryer safe.

 I'd like to sell it for $125 since the tight knitting and sewing takes so long. I'm happy to customize the colors or border if anyone wants...

Now available on!


  1. Kathryn, these are beautiful!

  2. very cool, Kathryn! You may want to look into sites like to sell your work.

  3. Any recommendations for how to learn to knit in patterns? I tried several times and just gave up after continuously making a mess when switching from knitting to purling in the same line. No idea why that happened, but I said forget it! and crocheted instead. ;)