Monday, April 15, 2013

Kate Miller 18: The "And Then I Found $5" Story

Sometimes it's not just an attempt at saving a bad story...sometimes you actually DO find five dollars! 

18. The “And Then I Found $5” Story  (March 2013)
            The time was Spring Break. And the place was Florida. But unlike so many other college students (and spouses) on vacation, Kate and Mister were not at the beach…or clubs…or even a swimming pool. They had brought their swimsuits (of course!) and were looking forward to the beach, but for the moment, and for most of the rest of the evening, they were in a closet.
            They had gone down to Venice where the Miller grandparents used to live, and were planning on bringing back (by truck) the beautiful dining room set to use just in time for the Miller clan to arrive the following week. “Thanksgiving worked,” Kate had reflected as they made plans to go, “but fitting that many people around our tiny tables was not something I wanted to do again.” The large dining room table would be a godsend, and the matching white china cabinet and buffet would certainly be both useful and beautiful in their lovely light green dining room. But the personal possessions at the Venice home would eventually have to be sorted through and moved to different homes. Hence, Kate was in a closet, surrounded by boxes marked with messages like: “Christmas Ribbon”, “Yarn”, and “Linens” (and sometimes more) all on the same box. She pulled off a dusty lid and began rummaging through the contents.
            Meanwhile, Mister was roaming through the house, taking pictures of furniture, paintings, pictures, kitchen appliances, and anything else he could think of that would interest other family members. He would put the pictures online so that if people wanted anything he would be able to pack it in the truck and bring it back to Virginia for pickup, since everyone was coming a few days after their return.
            “How’s it going?” he called to Kate through the closet door.
            “Mph.” Kate grunted, and then corrected, “just fine!”
            Mister came over to the door, “I hope you’re not standing on that ladder…” he said as he opened the door. Kate was standing on the ladder with a box on her head. Mister shook his head. “What am I going to do with you?” he asked.
            Kate grinned, “Kiss me?” she suggested.
            The suggestion was followed and Kate sat down again amidst a new stack of boxes. “Nothing much interesting in those,” she pointed to a stack. “I found these super-cute felt, old fashioned shoe ornament thingys,” she held one up. “But I have no idea what they’re for. Those two boxes do actually have yarn in them, though, and I’d like to take them, if no one objects.”
            She opened another box, mysteriously labeled, “For kids to go through.” She prepared herself and pulled off the lid. It was like an antique store in miniature. There was a soap bar wrapped in plastic, a small decorative box set up like a Bakery window, a glass angel figurine, cross-stitching thread, a gigantic candle, tiny glass bowls too small to be reasonably useful for anything, a similarly diminutive jar-vase-all purpose (no purpose) vessel of some sort…and the list went on and on. There was a smaller shoebox wedged in the bottom, which she pulled out and opened. Again, it struck Kate that the assortment of items held an uncanny resemblance to Mary Poppin’s handbag, though considerably less useful. But then Kate noticed some crumpled paper lying in the corner of the shoebox. She unfolded it and stifled a laugh. It was a dollar! Who had stuffed a crumpled up dollar into a shoebox full of…stuff? And then, flat and smooth, four more dollars appeared at the bottom of the box. Kate giggled and pulled the money out.
            As Kate and Mister munched on dinner, Kate drew out the list of items that she had found, while Mister sat with patient, but glazed eyes. “…and then I found $5!” Kate ended triumphantly.
            “What?!” Mister replied.
            Kate held up the four crisp bills and the crumpled one. “Five. Dollars.” Kate said.
            Mister laughed and shook his head, “And then you found $5,” he repeated. “Nice! Good story!” 

We did, in fact, get to go to the beach.
But it was March, and  low 70s outside, with a breeze, which "Kate" enjoyed very much.
But "Kate" did NOT use the boogie board. 

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