Friday, April 22, 2011

Pasta Pizza with Ground Beef

This meal is so easy and delicious that my husband (who previously has not been big on cooking) can make it by himself!

1 cup dried pasta (any kind--I like rotini best though)
2 cups (approximately) tomato sauce--like what you would use on spaghetti or lasagna
1/4 lb hamburger meat
mozzarella cheese
Italian seasoning
chipped cilantro

toppings: olives, mushrooms, onions, green or red pepper, bacon, sausage, etc.... take your pick!

1) Take a pie pan, and lightly grease it with butter or oil--especially the top part, which can get a little crusty while the pizza is baking.

2) Layer the dry pasta on the bottom, and then cover it generously with the tomato sauce. You can use more or less than the 2 cups, but make sure that the pasta is well covered. While cooking, the pasta need plenty of liquid to cook and become soft, and most of the liquid will come out of the tomato sauce. This will make the pasta full of flavor when the pizza is finished cooking!

3) Brown the hamburger in a frying pan and sprinkle it across the top of the sauce. Add any other toppings you might have on hand--the more the merrier! (You are welcome to use pepperoni or salami instead of the hamburger--I just usually have hamburger on hand.)

4) Cover the toppings with cheese. Then sprinkle chopped cilantro and the Italian seasoning on top.

5) Bake at 350F for about 30 min. Depending on your oven and the type of pasta you used, it make take more or less time. The past is the limiting factor, so whenever it's sufficiently soft, the pizza will be ready to eat. So if the pizza is smelling really fragrant, you might as well check and see if the pasta is done.


  1. Kathryn, this looks great! You don't know how perfect it is for tonight... I was just looking around and thinking, "Well, what *are* we going to have for dinner?" but I have all these ingredients and I love that it should only take 30 minutes! I'm going to pop it in the oven when we get home from church tonight. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha oh ps and I realized I'm commenting from an abandoned blogspot account... I love reading blogs but lack the motivation to regularly keep one...